Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Old and new

About seven or eight years ago when I was up at my Grandmothers cabin she and I were going through some of her antiques and she was telling me stories of how she got each piece or where each piece in her old hutch came from. I'm not a huge fan of old porcelain or dishes but one piece she had I adored, not because of what it looked like, but because of what it was used for. It was a big white bowl and at first glance I though it was a big pasta bowl (what do I know about antiques!) but it was actually a baby bath! She told me that her Mother, my Great Grandmother, was bathed in it as a baby and it was passed down to her who in turn used it to bath her only child, my Grandmother. My Grandma was a little attached to the piece which is why I assume she never passed it to either of her daughters when they had babies. After talking to my Mom about the bowl it turns out Grandma never told her or my Aunt what it was.

When she died a few years ago I asked for the bowl and my Mom was kind enough to get it for me. I have a thing for family history and while the bowl is probably not worth much that's not why I wanted it anyway.

The girls and I had fun taking pictures with it. They really liked sitting in that big bowl. Of course my intention was to take pictures while they were tiny but I guess I had too many other things going on in my head and I forgot all about it! The two of them could have easily fit in it together when they were brand new.

Rasa Bea

Baby A


royce said...

Great pics hun!

Mom x2 said...

It's not me - it's the subject matter :)

anaïs's mumma said...

lissa, your girls are so beautiful <3 i know the feeling of having something so simple, yet priceless. i have a few myself, given by my great gran and gran too <3 i love your blog <3 glad to be a fan!

Lori said...

Love them Lissa! What great pictures to have!