Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas, birthdays, this and that

This really is a fun time of year for us. The girls birthday is about a week after Christmas and mine is three days after that. I've been having fun planning their first birthday party! We decided to do The Very Hungry Caterpillar theme. It forces me to be creative since there is nothing in the states that you can buy as far as party supplies for this theme! I'm having fun and the girls will enjoy it. We decided against a big party with friends and family and just opted to do Royce and my immediate family only. There will still be a lot of people but the girls really know everyone and won't be overwhelmed or stressed. I hate going to one year old birthday parties and seeing the baby completely out of sorts and overwhelmed. That's not fun - lol!

Christmas is next week and we're really looking forward to celebrating with my family. We celebrated with some of Royce's family last week. Royce's Dad and Stepmother live in South Carolina and we all got set up on Skype last night so we're excited to "see" them regularly and they're thrilled to be able to watch the girls. The girls were so funny waving, smiling and laughing at them through the webcam last night.

I'm sitting on the loft now while the girls are down the hall playing in their room. They just woke up from their first nap. They've just discovered where the baby monitor speaker is and are throwing it around and laughing. The two of them have creative ways of having fun together (and frequently shut me out of their room!) that makes me nervous for the years ahead. Hopefully I can stay one step ahead of them as long as possible! I hear silence now which means I must go and QUICKLY!

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