Monday, December 21, 2009

A is for Adia

A is for Active.
Adia can work a room in no time flat. She loves company and entertaining. She also loves giving a good hug and lick (her version of a kiss - she must be watching the dogs a little too much). Adia has discovered how much fun it is to be naughty. This morning she decided to dance with her hands up in the air, bouncing up and down and in between bounces she'd smack Rasa on the head. Each time she'd do it she'd giggle with delight and each time Rasa protested Adia would let out a roar of laughter. I said "Naughty naughty Adia!" but with every ounce of self control I have I couldn't muster up enough to keep from laughing. Naughty naughty Mommy!

A is for Adventurous.
She has been climbing since she started crawling. She's got a lot of upper body strength for a baby and can hoist herself up on things. Today she was working very hard on trying to hoist herself over her Learning Home. She'd fall off and laugh and get right back up again. It would be safest for Adia to play in a padded room but she's tough and even though her face and head always seems to be decorated with bruises she rarely gets hurt.

A is for Affectionate.
She has a collection of stuffed animals, Elmo and newest edition Dora who she hugs, laughs at (or in Elmo's case with!) and kisses. When we hand her a dolly or animal she says OOOOOOOH and laughs and hugs them tight. She gets so excited she can hardly contain herself. At the first sight of Dora she started shaking and was so excited she was whimpering! Dora was meant to be a gift to Rasa from my Mom because Rasa has an infatuation with hair and we thought giving her a doll with a lot of hair would keep her interested and also keep her from pulling ours! Rasa does like Dora's hair but Adia rarely gives her the opportunity to play with her.

She's my crazy, crazy girl who I'll think of while trying to fall asleep at night and laugh.

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Anonymous said...

Like always, this had such an emotional impact for me. Good job again, Lissa. (tears - my heart aches with joy for you.)