Monday, March 26, 2012

another happy weekend

We turned off the furnace because we tend to do that every chance we get in the spring and all four of us ended up in one bed last night under three quilts snuggled up to keep warm! This morning I caved and turned the heat back on and I'm sitting under some fleece blankets on the couch with my new lantern candle lighting up the dark living room. What a gloomy, cold, rainy day! I have Strawberry Shortcake on the tv because it's bright and cheery and on a day like this I can use all the help I can get!
The girls are wild running circles around the house while they chow down breakfast in their hands!

We had a lovely weekend. We spent Friday night with one of my best friends and her boyfriend. Our fire was wonderful and we stayed up way too late visiting, remembering when we were young and even talking about Royce and my wedding (Amy was one of my bridesmaids). It was really fun.

Saturday I napped for hours and everyone else almost as long! We woke up late for our Easter egg hunt and had to scramble to get up to Blaine! It was a beautiful sunny day and warm, in the 70's. We had a wonderful time. Patrick and Karley grilled dinner for everyone and we had an early fire. Adia was out of sorts right away when she saw the old house and initially Karley distracted her and encouraged her to play with Gabby which worked for a few hours until Adia started begging and pleading to go home. She's getting used to living away but I know she misses The Dellis' and Jill and the puppies. I think having my parents away for such a long time only added to her feeling like her world was just too different. She will get better, I know she will. Plus now that my parents are back and we spend more time up there again she will see that she's not losing anything.

Yesterday my parents came for lunch and we spent some time visiting and hanging out in the yard. I caught up on laundry and did some grocery shopping.

I've been loving our weekends. We have had such a nice balance of friends and family visiting and still enough time to spend with just the four of us together. I feel happy and blessed even with feeling physically out of sorts but I do believe I'm getting better. I have a neurology appointment on Friday that I'm dreading and looking forward to at the same time. Maybe someone can make sense of all of the weirdness and I can go back to focusing on my family, my friends and my little business.

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Royce said...

Another great weekend at our new home!!