Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Being in a new area away from the convenience of cousins, family and established community is different for us but I'm determined to build a new community here and I'm patient too, knowing it takes a little time and some skillful planning :)

Having a new place gives us a reason to have lots of company and having a steady stream of guests only helps to build the girls comfort with company, sharing their toys and meeting new people.

We had a playdate today with a lovely friend of mine I made "back in the day". She was one of a group of us who were all living the city life in Minneapolis, working at a sweet little family owned professional photo processing and imaging business right in the heart of the city. We were all between 18 and 21 and as close as family. The older managers were like surrogate parents to us wild children. It was a BLAST and lifelong friendships were made. Best of times, indeed. She came for a visit today with her sweet and smart little two year old and we haven't seen each other in years! It was wonderful. The girls LOVED Jimmy and he seemed to have a lot of fun with them. The three of them are quiet kids for the most part and personality wise a very nice fit. Jill and I had many adventures together when we were young and later attended each others weddings and kept in touch over the years. We are now both work at home momma's with passions for natural and attachment parenting.

Friendship is a form a magic that picks you up when you are low, builds your spirit and esteem and transcends you not only back to memories of great times but ahead with the confidence you'll be there in the future together too. Friendship connects the threads that make you both different and similar and works to make you a better person through the different perspectives of someone you care about. I deeply value you, my friends, and the relationships we've nurtured. As a Mother of girls I feel great knowing that Rasa and Adia will learn by seeing my relationships the importance and value in having and being a good friend.

What a great day.

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