Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mr. Mom

It's 6 pm and 64 degrees out still, what a beautiful sunny day!

I've been sick (double ear infection on top of a sinus infection, what luck) so Royce is on Momma and Papa duty this weekend. He had them out the entire day! I had to come out and snap a few pics of them in the yard and get a reminder of what 60 degrees actually feels like.

Royce is a big kid all gaga over wanting to burn the down branches in the yard. The girls were excited to see things they used to have on our patio in the townhouse, now pulled out into the yard. Royce took the girls for a couple walks, in the wagon and the stroller. They just finished eating and are back outside trying to savor every last minute of daylight. Good for them!


Carol said...

Royce - You DA MAN!! Darling photos Lis! Love you guys!

Royce said...

It would have been so much more better had you been able to be with us babe. No worries, plenty of good weather and good times at our new place to come. Love you Lissa.