Monday, March 26, 2012

The things they say...

I was getting Adia ready for bed last night and she was starring at me for a while looking like she was concentrating and I was waiting for some sweet words to come out of her mouth telling me (like she usually does) that I am beautiful or that she loves me.
Adia: Momma I don't like you're hair
Me: What?
Adia with a mean girl attitude: I like Papa's hair.
Me: Wow
On a side note I felt like I was actually have a REALLY GOOD hair day for a change!

Rasa and I were sitting on the couch this weekend and I called Lucy up to snuggle with me. Lucy started chewing on her back foot.
Rasa: Ahahahahahahahahahaha
Me: What's so funny?
Rasa: Look at Lucy! She's kinda like eating herself!!

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