Sunday, March 11, 2012

Poor Rasa Bea!

Minutes after posting yesterday's entry Rasa was chasing Adia down the front walk and as she darted up the three front stairs she slipped and hit her chin! Royce heard a thud and then Rasa screaming so hard she stopped making noise. At first we thought she just bit through her tongue (ouch!) but after she lifted her head from his shoulder and we saw the blood spot we realized she split her chin open. Immediately looking at it I said she needs stitches. We decided to wait a few minutes to recheck so Adia and I ran up to CVS to pick up some antiseptic spray and some popsicles (for her poor tongue!). Later we went back and forth about bringing her to Children's Hospital but couldn't decide so I called the nurse. She told me to bring her for stitches if we were worried about the scar and also because they help the wound heal better.

Royce and I were on the fence. We didn't want her to have to go through the trauma but I was worried about the scar. I called my Sister-In-Law who just finished the pediatric nursing program and she gave me the info I needed to decide against it. We opted instead to do a butterfly stitch and liquid bandaid. Royce did a great job getting the split closed up so the scar shouldn't be much worse than if she would have had stitches.

If Rasa is mad about that scar (which matches one Mommy has) she has to blame her Daddy who promised to take full responsibility :)

She's ok today. Her tongue is bruised and her chin is sore but she didn't have to deal with the trauma of a saturday night in the ER.


Royce said...

Yes, little bea you can blame me. Pappa loves you.

Carol said...

Daddy comes through once again! You are beautiful, Rasa Bea, even with the ouie!

rachel said...

Welcome to the chin scar club Rasa! I have one too. Bunk bed. There is a few of us around. I always feel a special bond with other chin scar peeps!