Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Listen, listen....winters gone. Finches whistle, "here's the sun!"

The title is a excerpt from the book "Listen, Listen" by Philis Gershator & Alison Jay. It's wonderful! The art is beautiful and the poetry is catchy and fun. A great book that details the change in seasons. We love it and it never gets old.

I had the "privilege" of bringing the girls to the clinic with me today (still sick ugh!) and after had to pick up a few things. The girls were great and sat quietly, I love that about them! The girls were talking to each other while we were waiting for my doctor about how this "lady doctor is going to make our mama feel better". So sweet. She didn't make me feel better but hopefully will lol!

It felt like such a shame to have to spend most of the day in the car and inside so we skipped naps to play. It was a beautiful warm sunny day! It's just the taste of summer we all need here in Minnesota to remind us that there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Even with such a mild winter we are all itching for spring! At 7 pm I'm a little regretful they didn't get a nap.....especially Adia who tends to get hard to manage when she's tired! She's terrorizing everyone in the house at this very moment. Oh well, early bedtime (fingers crossed!).

Finding just the right spot for the "Knock Knock Mother&*^% chicken" (bloggess.com)

Think she's over having her photo taken?? The puppy hat makes another warm weather day appearance. She will never let that thing go.


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Lovely all around!