Monday, March 12, 2012

the things they say...

Tonight while reading "who do you love"

Royce: I love you Adia and Rasa

Adia: I love you papa. Papa, Papa, Happy Valentine's Day!!

Royce: Oh thank you, Adia

Adia: Now say Happy Valentine's Day to me, Papa

Royce: Happy Valentine's Day

Adia: Oh thank you!


I don't recall the context but somehow Royce called Rasa a princess


Royce: Yes you are, you're my princess

Rasa: NO I'm NOT!

Me (knowing Rasa hates being called a princess): No, Rasa's not a princess, she's a big girl

Rasa (shouting at Royce with a stern look): I am a big girl! Big girls take nappy's and pee on the potty and brush their teeth!!!