Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekend Fun!

Our family had such a wonderful weekend!

Two of my best friends came over Friday night for a little housewarming dinner and bonfire. It was lovely and it made our new place feel like home having them here. Jess lives in Grand Marais so I only see her a handful of times a year. I love spending time with her and Amy. They're my girls! Lately I've been noticing how blessed (huge understatement) I am to have such an amazing group of women in my life! All of my girlfriends are exceptional, every one of them, and for some reason they seem to like me ;)

I've been trying to feel better with this vertigo head pressure thing I've been dealing with so I had to lay low this weekend and give myself a break. Saturday was a beautiful day and it got up to 80 degrees so we hung around the yard, raked up some leaves, got lots of sun and even played in the water (in MARCH!).

Sunday our friends Karley and Patrick came over with their littles for a play date. The girls have been missing Gabby and it was fun for them to play and have fun. Seeing the three of them together always makes me smile, they are a little bit of trouble, that's for sure! They used to live next door and we really miss seeing them everyday but it's so cool how when you move away from neighbors you end up with great friends even still. We are planning an easter egg hunt with our families next weekend and we're all really looking forward to it!

Yesterday afternoon we walked our new neighborhood, found a great playground and lived outside for every second of sunlight we had. On our walk over to the park we passed a house that had the exact same wagon in the yard and there stood two little adorable boys around the same age as the girls. The girls both smiled and waved and the boys stared at them for a second and then both waved and smiled back lol! If that isnt a preview of teenage years!

This summer is going to be fantastic!


Carol said...

Adorable photo!!

Royce said...

Look at all those leaves! ;) The parking lot doesn't hold a candle to the new setup the girls got!