Thursday, May 31, 2012

the art of feeding

We had a play date this morning with a beautiful friend and her son. Her and I are a lot a like in our unique ways. One of the things we were talking about was food, the expense of organic the conundrum of having to shop on a budget knowing what we want to feed our families and what is within our means. It made me this something that my daughters will deal with as Mom's (assuming they too will some day be Momma's)?

I prefer to buy and eat organic. If I had an unlimited budget I would likely buy everything we put into our mouths organic. I know how important it is right now to vote with our dollars. I know what goes into growing our food, ethical treatment of animals raised for food and the bi-products of all of these things. It's sad that currently we have to feel guilty feeding our kids anything that's labeled as food. Seriously! In a perfect world if it's sold at a grocery store it should be safe, healthy (to a certain degree) and I shouldn't have to wonder what it's going to do to my or my families bodies after years of eating it. If it's sold as food, it should in fact be food. We pick and choose right now what we're wiling to take a risk on and eat of that which are conventional foods having a handful of things I only buy organic (eggs, chicken, milk & some fruits). Other things I buy conventional that are supposed to be generally safe with little or no chemical pesticides used and some things I skip all together because I can't afford to buy organic but refuse to buy conventional. I try to educate myself on reading labels and knowing exactly what it is in that long ingredient list on some processed foods. Mostly we try to cook whole foods knowing that making it at home from scratch is always the best way to eat but I'm just as guilty as alot of Mom's pulling that blue box of mac n cheese off the shelf and no amount of organic milk or butter will make up for everything else that's in there!

I wonder if by the time my girls are women if enough of us will be fed up with what's happening to our food that we can evoke change.....or if it's going to be another broken mess we will leave for future generations to try and sort out. I hope it's the first.

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Royce said...

I love your mind and your conviction!