Sunday, May 6, 2012

super awesome weekend!

Three years ago!

Saturday! (minus Derek)
My bff on the north shore, Jess, came down this weekend and spent the night with one of her babes on Friday. Everyone had so much fun. Weston, her 3 year old, is the one we have affectionately called the triplet because she and I were pregnant at the same time and our babies were born 10 days apart. The above pic is us Saturday morning, un-showered.....we still look pretty good right? ;)

It was hilarious listening to the kids conversations. Adia was so excited to have Weston over she couldn't even stand still for one second! Rasa kept saying over and over how cute he was (uh oh Daddy!). The girls haven't seen him since last summer when we were up at their place. We went for trike rides, to the park, watched movies, played outside, had a bon fire, the kids ran laps for about an hour before bed throughout the house. It was loud, it was chaos, it was a riot. Now I'll I will hear about for the next couple of weeks is how we need to go to Weston's house. Purhaps we do.

This was taken very late on Friday night. The kids are wet and dirty but still having fun!

I wish Jess would pack up and move back down here! I love her like a sister and miss her terribly between visits!

I had jobs this weekend on Saturday and Sunday and met some neat people. Royce had a lot of Daddy duty this weekend and was good about getting the girls outside every chance he could between rain showers. I was lucky to get sessions in-between the rain too!

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