Friday, May 18, 2012

It's friday, friday, friday!!

Nana's back from the cabin and she drove down today to hang with the girls and I. We went over to The Cottage House in South Minneapolis to shop their one weekend a month sale. HEAVEN! Everything I love packed into one big old house and everything's dirt cheap! I could have spent the day there but I picked out a few things (thank you Royce!), my Mom bought me some curtains (thank you Mom!) and we left before the girls did any serious damage to the place. Seriously they were like wild animals running from room to room, out the front door, out the back door, climbing on everything, touching that I type this it sounds like typical three year old behavior huh. Still, they are normally perfect in public!

We skipped over to 50th and France and had lunch at Barrio. I love their guac! Fish tacos were just ok but the girls were happy with the guac and quesadilas. In the restaurant they were pouring water on everything, jumping on the booth, climbing under the table etc. Oyi! When my Mom volunteered to take them both to the bathroom I happily let her go and giggled a little after they walked away. Public bathroom trips with those two is sickly disgusting. They climb on the toilet to potty and don't care that they're touching EVERYTHING! They touch the booth walls, the toilet flusher thingy, the sinks etc. I have major ocd when it comes to not touching a dam thing in a public restroom and I cannot handle taking them in there! I walked back to check on my Mom's sanity after they were gone about 15 minutes and when I walked in she was drenching them both in hand sanitizer looking at me with her eyes wide open saying, "they touch EVERYTHING!!". Lol yep, I do know that!

After lunch as we were walking back to the car we stumbled upon the most magical of all places! Sweet Retreat Cupcake Boutique. Positively AMAZING! Adia had a princess vanilla cupcake, Rasa a chocolate vanilla, I had a butterfinger cupcake (peanut butter cake with chocolate frosting rolling in crumbled butterfingers...need I say more) and my Mom got a chocolate espresso cupcake...probably the twins fault for her needing a jolt after the bathroom incident. Best cupcake I've had in my life and you all know I've had a million of them so trust me. Cupcake in St. Paul doesn't even come close to these!

After roasting in the car on the way home (it's HOT today) I disrobed both girls immediately and turned the sprinkler on so they could cool off before nap.

We had a great day and what a beautiful start to the weekend!

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Carol said...

HA!! Yes, the bathroom was quite the shocking experience - LOL! The woman that came in said, "Wow! Looks like you have your hands full!"

Still, we sure had a great time! You guys are SO much fun!!