Friday, May 11, 2012

Oh Adia

Adia's had a rough past few days. She seems crabby (unusual for her), bossy, quick to lash out and quick to snap. I'm not sure what's going on with her but she can't seem to catch a break either! She's been limping on her leg for a few days. Hard to say why being that she's crashes on her bike, gets crashed into by Rasa on HER bike, jumps, falls and spills a dozen times a day! She took a header off the couch earlier in the week, tripped at the playground last night and whapped her face on the bottom of a big plastic chair swing and when we got home she dumped one of our wood lawn chairs on the top of her foot!

Last night we all went for a walk and she wanted to be held the entire time. She said she wanted to be a baby. After dinner she wouldn't leave me alone for one second so I pulled her on my lap and said, "do you just need to be held by Momma?" and she looked up at me and said, "YES!"

I'm going to spend some time with her this weekend, just her and I. Rasa and I have been doing that a lot lately (because she needed it!). The funny thing with these two is we work so hard to focus on the one that's having a hard time that she blossoms but the other girl ends up getting neglected (for lack of a better word, trust me). Rasa is in a beautiful place right now. Her meltdowns are much less, she's happy, she can articulate how she feels, what she needs and wants and is getting it all. Now we just need to focus on Adia and hope to find balance with both of their needs at the same time.

Adia showing me her owie and mending her wounds with an ice cream treat. Ice creams still fixes owies as quickly as a princess bandaid.

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