Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My little Adia....

Adia's been in a mood lately. She's been running around here yelling at me, "DON'T YOU EVER DO THAT AGAIN!" I'm not sure what but she says it with such conviction I'm afraid! She's been obsessed with saying people are stupid, something I reserve only for road rage (half joking) but seriously not something we say or are ok with. The other day she said Dr. Manney is STUPID to which I replied, "Dr. Manney is a doctor. Doctor's are smart. He is VERY smart I assure you and by the way, Adia I'm not ok with you calling people stupid."
Adia, "Lucy is stupid!"
Me, "that's not nice, we don't call Lucy stupid. No more calling anyone or anything stupid or you're going to spend time alone in time out"
Adia, "But I NEED to call something stupid!!!"
Then she looks at me out of the corner of her eye and mouths the word stupid but is careful not to actually say it.

Good GOD.

The girls are still in pull ups at night and in the morning they switch back into big girl undies. This morning Adia was protesting and saying she wouldn't wear big girl undies because babies wear diapers. I kept telling her she's a big girl and not a baby and she wears undies, just like every other day.


I couldn't figure out what the issue was except that from time to time Adia gets worried about getting bigger. She doesn't want to be big, she doesn't want to go to school, she wants to stay a baby. She's told us this time and time again for the past year.

I looked at her red face with tears streaming down and I told her the story about when she was a baby and she started eating food. She could hold her own spoon but she didn't want to. She would ask me to feed her, even though she could do it herself.

She smiled.

Ok I get it. Adia needs to be a baby today. But I'm not giving in on the pull up.
I told her she is still very little. "You're only three Adia. You're just a little tiny child. YOu're a little girl. You're not big". She smiled and replied, "Yes, I'm only a little tiny girl, Momma".
I said, "That's right but you're still going to wear your undies because that's what you do now but you're not big. You're just a little tiny girl."

Truce. Undies on, meltdown over and tears wiped.

I love you tiny Adia. You're not a big girl. You're my baby. You always will be. Always and forever.


Aleshia said...

Oh I love that! Paige gets so mad when I tell her I dont' want her to get bigger. She says, I am getitng bigger every day and there is nothing you can do about it! I love it.

Carol said...

OH! Almost in tears.