Wednesday, May 16, 2012

au revoir weekend!

Our weekend started Friday night with me dreaming of coffee and donuts at my favorite new spot The Donut Cooperative over in S Minneapolis. Royce humored me Friday night and agreed to check it out as early as we all woke up the next morning! I was so determined to eat donuts that I woke up at 6:30 and woke everyone else up at 7 am to head out the door :) The girls were excited and we had a wonderful sweet breakfast in that funky sweet little cafe tucked inside of one of my favorite neighborhoods in Minneapolis. Royce liked the lemon poppyseed donut the best (it was excellent) and my favorite was the almond joy donut....I need another one soon. The girls sampled several but like usual pretty much just licked the frosting off the top and left everything else. All of us ran around all morning and by Saturday afternoon anxiously awaited one of my bff's arrival for her birthday party (girls were excited about cake, Royce excited to hang with Amy's boyfriend, a pro skater). I brought Rasa with me to pick up the cake and she ran beside me holding the ice cream in the store squealing with every step :) We had a great time. Later a couple of old friends came over to hang out by the fire.

Sunday morning all of us woke up early again, decided to drive until we found a little cafe for coffee and ended up eating at a little diner in Edina. It was actually very good! After, we went to bachman's to pick up some annuals (Royce's gift to me for Mother's Day) to plant in the side planter and we enjoyed the beautiful hot sun all day and all evening long. I had a beautiful Mother's Day. Royce was sweet, took care of everything and my favorite moment was before I hopped out of bed in the morning when Royce marched the girls into our room with their mother's day cards in their hands saying in the sweetest little munchkin voices, "Happy Mother's Day, Momma". Melt my heart!!!

It will be good to hop into our weekday rhythm but it was a beautiful and fantastic weekend. My little family spent all of our time outside, playing, walking, running around, biking, sitting in the sun and the girls in the sprinkler, dancing and listening to music, eating great food (even watermelon)!

Royce and I tucked the girls in early tonight, before it even got totally dark out because they've been running ragged all weekend. After we put them to bed Adia started asking for hardboiled eggs. I had a dozen fresh eggs in the fridge so I said yes, what the heck I'll make you some and bring them in when they're ready. After the timer went off the girls were still awake excited to eat eggs (simple pleasures!) so I was cooling and peeling them as fast as I could. As I was standing in the kitchen, it was finally black dark outside and I paused for a second to breath in the summer smelling warm air blowing through the windows and I felt excited and happy. Excited that we're finally feeling at home here and happy that this is where we are.

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